How to Throw a Winning Product Launch Event?



Organizing a launch party can be an easy task but making it sensational is no easy feat. You must have seen that big brands do not release their products directly in shop, they first organize a grand launch party, fill the room with right audience and tout about their latest initiative. Organizing a product launch event Read More →

Spectacular & Trending Wedding Décor Ideas



Wedding is definitely one of the biggest days in every person’s life. It is quite natural to dream of a fairy tale wedding or Bollywood style wedding or something that’s attention-grabbing. With hundreds or thousands of attendees, you cannot just compromise on something ordinary; it has to be extra-ordinary to make your big day memorable for you as well as the attendees. Read More →

Bollywood Inspired Destination Wedding Ideas



Wedding is one event of lifetime where you see your most precious dream come true. We all wish for a marriage that gets etched in memory forever. As Indians, Bollywood has always been a source of inspiration for many to plan their big day.  Whether it is Kareena Kapoor’s designer ‘lehenga’, full-fledged wedding affair in ‘Hum Aapke Hai Kaun’,  energetic  ‘Sangeet ‘ceremony in any family-based Karan Johar movie or exotic wedding location like shown in ‘Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani’, Bollywood weddings Read More →

Rock your Business Meeting with Corporate Event Trends



Just one or two elements doesn’t make any corporate meeting productive, there are numerous factors that results in successful corporate events. Organizing corporate events is not as manageable as small family gatherings, it certainly requires professional assistance.  No matter how small or big the business meet is, it should talk about your brand and grab attention of the targeted audience.

Whenever we talk about corporate events, it is often assumed to be boring and unexciting but today with innovative event planning ideas Read More →

Security Guidelines to be followed in Events



Security of attendees has always been a top priority for event management companies, in fact the level of concern has gone up in recent times due to the increasing number of crime incidents and accidents.  Right from trade shows to live celebrity shows, big conferences to sports event, risk factor is involved everywhere, as a reputed event company, it is your responsibility to offer utmost safety to the event attendees and even to your clients.  Apart from just focusing on creative event planning, event organizers Read More →

Ideas to Engage Attendees at your Event



Gaining attention of the audience is one of the toughest parts of any event.  No matter how lavishly the event has been set up if it turns out to be yawn-inducing, it will soon be out of the mind of the audience (probably, the moment they leave the venue, they’ll forget the event).   The most important goal of any event planner is to attain audience engagement.  Well, the goal is clear but now the main question arises – How to create an engaging experience that the attendees will never forget? As a seasoned event planner Read More →

Tips for Successful Brand Building Event



Want your brand to get etched in the minds and hearts of your targeted audience? Think about planning an event.  Event can be a powerful platform to enhance your brand value.  By organizing an effective event, you can offer maximum engagement and create great impact on the public. As a business you will be required to invest some time and money but it will certainly yield good return.  The more you flash about your brand, the more it will get eyeballed.  And nothing can be more crowd-pulling than massive event. Read More →

Why Venue Plays an Important Role while Setting an Event?



Success or failure of any event highly depends on venue as it is the meeting point of the hosts and the invitees. Whether it’s a major conference, product launch, grand wedding celebration or any live concert, choosing right venue is one of the most crucial decisions to be made by event planners.  There are endless venue choices available but if the destination is unable to gather the targeted crowd then certainly it will affect the outcome. Read More →

Why it is Wise to Hire Wedding Planners for Your Big Day?



Wedding is a joyous occasion but certainly stressful too, especially if you are planning for your own big day.  It’s is one of the biggest celebrations and once in a lifetime experience for any person, hence to make this experience memorable,  you need a proper plan ready to avoid goof ups.  Couples have mixed feelings of nervousness and excitement and on top of that the anxiety of wedding planning is simply unmanageable.  Keep calm and hire professional who can make your fantasy wedding come true.  Not only the bride and groom but even the wedding guests, family, friends would have a great blast and enjoy this blissful ceremony to the fullest. Read More →

Key Steps That We Follow to Make Any Event Successful



A flawlessly crafted event offers memorable experience to the attenders while also opens up new opportunities, in case of corporate events.  Whether it is celebration event, commercial event, promotional event or any other kind of event, the process of successful event is same.  No matter what innovative ideas you visualize, it will not work out, until and unless the key steps are followed effectively. Read More →